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How to Write an Image Back to a Drive

NOTE: The procedure described below is intended to be used by very experienced computer professionals only. Writing directly to a drive can cause data loss and system corruption.

Once you have your image (see: Create an image...), you can write the image back to a drive. This is good for the image in Raid Reconstructor or if you used DiskExplorer or GetDataBack to make an image. The first thing you need to do is to enable the writing ability in DiskExplorer. This is normally disabled by default. To do this, go to Tools, then Options.

Step 1

You will see that the software is in Read-Only mode, click on where it says Direct read/write. That will allow you to write data to the drive directly. Once you have selected that option, click on Ok.

Step 2

Go to File, then Drive. This is going to be the drive you are writing the image to. Anything on this drive will be destroyed so be sure you have the right drive and there in no data on here that is important. Also, you must not choose the drive that hosts the system partition C:, usually HD128:.

Step 3

Select the drive that the image will be written to, remember all data will be lost on this drive.

Step 4

Then click on View and as Hex. The drive will then change into a hex view with numbers and letters.


Position the cursor on the first byte. Verify that the Sector:Offset in the bottom shows 0:0.

Step 6

Then click on Edit, then Paste From File.

Step 7

This will bring up the prompt box asking for the image file that is going to be written to the drive. Select the image and press Open.

Step 8

You will then be prompted about destroying the data that is currently on the drive. This is not reversible and can not be undone. Make sure the drive you want to copy over does not contain any data that is important on it. This is your last chance to stop this process.

Step 9

Once you answer Yes to the question, the data will start copying. After the copying is done the image has been written to the drive. If this was a bootable image, make sure that it boots, if it was just data, check Windows Explorer to make sure the data is viewable.

Step 10