Image Files

Image files are files containing raw images of a drive. With programs like Runtime's RAID Reconstructor, GetDataBack and Captain Nemo you can process these image files like real physical drives

Multiple Files

Image files can consist of: This is helpful when imaging a drive larger than the maximum file size (2GB or 4GB, depending on the operating system). Fragments of a multiple file image are about 656MB in size. A smaller size indicates the end of the file set. If there are more than 1000 fragments, the numbering switches from '001', ..., '999' to 'A00', ...'ZZZ'.


You can use compressed image files (e.g. 'drive128.imc') by selecting 'Compressed image data files (*.imc)' as file type in the file open dialog. This feature enables you to create drive images much smaller than the original. Compressed files can be multiple file images too. We recommend not to use compressed images.

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